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Low cost online marketing to increase Alexa Ranking

There is a wide range of low cost online marketing methods available for businesses that wish to increase Alexa ranking for their websites. The Alexa ranking is a metric that gauges the popularity and performance of your website. It also determines the potential of using your website as a marketing and sales tool. One of the most important marketing methods to increase Alexa ranking for your website is buying website traffic.

Here’s how you can increase Alexa ranking for your website.

  • First, identify the locations you’d like to target. Do a lot of research on what markets your products or services attract, and find where these markets are located. Let’s say you own a tourism agency located in Southeast Asia. Find out which markets like to enjoy the tropics and Asian cuisines. If you own an online designer bag boutique, look for which markets find such products attractive.
  • After identifying your geographical targets, it’s time to determine how much traffic you would like to generate. Ideally, all businesses would like to reach millions and millions of people. But how many potential customers can your business realistically handle? Remember, buying website traffic is a very effective marketing method, especially as online shopping is becoming more standardized, convenient and global. If you market to a million people, is your product supply enough to meet the demands of hundreds of thousands of potential customers?

    If you are just starting out, then you can buy website traffic that will reach only 25,000 to 50,000 people. But if your business is more established then you can buy website traffic that can reach millions. Marketing to millions of people is ideal for businesses that have the capacity to handle a heavier volume of product orders, or have branches worldwide that could provide services to locals.
  • Then, identify the types of devices they access the internet from. Are people from your markets more of desktop and laptop users, or do they like going mobile? Knowing where they access the internet from is important in making your marketing initiatives work.
  • Now it’s time to look for a website that you can buy website traffic from. It’s best to look for a website that caters to all the geographical targets, number of visitors and tech devices you’ve identified. Most importantly, that website has to offer “Alexa traffic”. Among the many web traffic options available, only Alexa traffic can help increase Alexa ranking.

In order to maximize your budget, look for a website that sells quality web traffic at a very low cost. Quality web traffic refers to real unique visitors, not proxy ones. The cost has to be low enough for you to reach your identified number of visitors from your geographical targets through the right tech devices.

Identifying the right markets and marketing platforms online leads to having a higher Alexa ranking. But most importantly, tapping these markets effectively leads to more conversions to sales from visits, and ultimately, better business.

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